The PJA, together with research partners has carried out extensive academic research into the pipejacking process and associated areas. Details are listed below and abstracts and full reports can be downloaded.

2018 SFRC Jacking Pipe Design Mr ELYAS MALAKI ZANJANI University Of Portsmouth Abstract Thesis
2016 Disaggregation of soil during slurry pipe jacking Neil Phillips City / PhD Abstract Thesis
2012 The optimisation of slurry separation within pipe jacking Neil Phillips Leeds / MSc Abstract Thesis
2010 Slurry dewatering in the pipe jacking industry Shih-Yun Liu Leeds / PhD Abstract Thesis
2007 Foam as a soil conditioner in tunnelling: physical and mechanical properties of conditioned sands Miguel Peña Duarte Oxford / PhD Abstract Thesis
2006 Soil conditioning for pipe-jacking and tunnelling François Xavier Borghi Cambridge / PhD Abstract Thesis
2004 Conditioning of clay soils for tunnelling machine screw conveyors Andrew Merritt Cambridge / PhD Abstract Thesis
2001 Properties of foam/sand mixtures for tunnelling applications Sotoris Psomas Oxford / MSc Abstract Thesis
1998 Pipe-jacked tunnelling: Jacking loads and ground movements Mark Marshall Oxford / PhD Abstract Thesis
1998 Numerical analysis and laboratory test of concrete jacking pipes Jian-Qing Zhou Oxford / PhD Abstract Thesis
1992 The behaviour of jacked concrete pipes during installation Paul Norris Oxford / PhD Abstract Thesis
1989 The performance of jacked pipes Kevin Ripley Oxford / PhD Abstract Thesis

Oxford University has published a number of reports on pipejacking and these are detailed below:

2000 Lubrication and soil conditioning in tunnelling, pipe jacking and microtunnellling George Milligan Paper
1997 Prototype testing of improved concrete pipes Chris Holt, George Milligan and Harvey Burd Paper
1994 Pipe jacking: Research results and recommendations George Milligan and Paul Norris Paper
1993 The performance of concrete jacking pipes during installation George Milligan and Paul Norris Paper
1992 Instrument design, manufacture and calibration for use in monitoring the field performance of jacked pipes Paul Norris Paper

In addition Oxford University has made available a number of collected papers which can also be downloaded Collected Papers